4 Reasons People Get Involved In Get Rich Quick/MLM Schemes

By | April 11, 2017

Get rich quick schemeOver the past several months I couldn’t help but notice that there are a whole lot of people out there who are either trying to recruit me into their downline with the latest and greatest MLM pyramid scheme or trying to lure me into another get rich quick scheme.

As an internet marketer, I’ve grown accustomed to these types of programs and whenever these show up in my news feed or land in my inbox, I usually don’t pay them any mind.

However, here lately, it seems like there’s an overabundance of people who’re trying to shove these programs down my throat.

If you dare talk bad about them they’ll attack you and you’ll quickly find out where you really stand with them.

Has this ever happened to you guys?

As the wheels started turning in my head, I decided to do some research on this topic and I’ll be sharing what I was able to uncover in the following blog post.

I have come up with 4 solid reasons why people continue to fall for these schemes and why there will always be a market for these types of systems in 2017 and beyond.

Everyone Is Doing It

Trying to fit inWe all feel like we need to fit in with the cool kids out there who’re promoting these schemes to everyone and their mother.

Who doesn’t want to look cool and fit in with everyone else while making some cool cash at the same time?

With all the hype that surrounds these get rich quick schemes and MLM’s and the way these IM gurus market these types of programs, I can totally understand why so many people get sucked into them.

For years, I continuously got sucked into these programs and bought into the hype that surrounded them.

I wanted to be a part of the cool crowd and fit in with all my other MLM friends on FB that were pushing the latest age-defying beauty cream or breakthrough weight loss pill on the market.

Back then, I thought this was the only way to make money online and would do anything to fit in and look cool.

Over the years, I’ve wised up and I now know what warning signs to be on the lookout for.

If it sounds too good to be true then, it probably is!!


They Do It Out Of Desperation

DesperateI get it, times are tough and we all need to make money to pay bills, put food on the table, and provide for our families.

If you’re like the majority of Americans who live paycheck to paycheck, chances are you’ll do anything to make ends meet and give your kids the life that you never had.

Due to all the misconceptions about making money online and the way these types of programs are marketed, I can see why people are so desperate and fall for these type of programs so easily.

They’re so desperate to make money that they fall for every trick in the book and will let these sleazy gurus brainwash them into thinking that their MLM, or get rich quick scheme holds the key to living a luxurious lifestyle.

This really hits close to home for me, as I had tried just about anything and everything in a desperate attempt to kick my 9-5 J.O.B to the curb.

 They Simply Don’t Know Any Better

ConfusedI’m sure you guys have heard the phrase knowledge is power, haven’t you?

They always say the more you know the better off you’ll be in life and I couldn’t agree more with this statement.

If you’re a newbie who is just getting started online, chances are that you aren’t able to tell the difference between a, get rich quick scheme and a genuine opportunity.

That’s to be expected and another popular statement that comes to mind is “you live and learn”!!

When I first started my search to make money online, I had no idea what a get rich quick or MLM was back then and to be quite honest with you guys, I probably wouldn’t care if you told me.

I had my sights focused on 1 thing and that was how to make as much money as I possibly could and I didn’t care if I had to recruit my aunt Betty, or uncle Larry into a pyramid scheme to do so.

They Feel The Need To Defend Their Purchases

Perhaps a family member or close friend of yours is involved in 1 or both of these programs and they’ve been hounding you to join their team so that they can earn a commission from you.

Have you ever thought about how they would react if you dared to say anything negative about the program they’re trying to recruit you into?

Here’s a heads-up about what to expect if you would decide to knock their program with any derogatory remarks!!

For those of you who visit my website on a regular basis, know that I only recommend the highest quality programs that I feel is worth your time and money.

I also expose both types of these programs on my website and call them out for what they really are.

I speak my mind and I refuse to sugarcoat any of my reviews.

This seems to really tick off the people who’re promoting these schemes and I’ve received a multitude of derogatory comments from these people.

I’ve had people insult my intelligence, verbally attack me, and even threaten to tell the owner of product A that I’m misrepresenting his wonderful program.



Why do they react in such a way?

There are 2 reasons why and I’ll list both of these for you guys below!!

1. Due to the high cost associated with most MLM’s or GRQ schemes of today people feel obligated to defend their purchase.

They have already invested hundreds if not thousands of their hard earned money into this product or service and have gone ALL-IN.

Are you guys following me so far?

Any derogatory comments directed towards this company will lessen their chance of recruiting other people into their scheme which means they’ll be losing out on money.

Hell yea they’re going to defend it!!

Why wouldn’t they? 

2. They let their pride stand in their way and refuse to admit that once again they have invested in a company that’s built on hype and recruiting people and offers NO REAL training on how to build a real business online.

They refuse to admit that they have failed yet again and above everything else, they don’t want their friends and family to see them as a failure.

Is It Possible To Make Money Without Recruiting People Into An MLM Or A Get Rich Quick Scheme?

There are literally thousands of different ways to make money online but MLM’s and GRQ schemes aren’t at the top of my list of recommended business models.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel that all MLM based programs are bad as there are a small handful of legit ones out there.

However, the majority of MLM companies out there today are usually constructed into some type of a pyramid scheme where you’ll be required to promote the same thing you bought onto the next person in order to make money.

Unfortunately, I don’t see either one of these programs dying off anytime soon because as long as people are gullible enough to buy into the hype there will always be a way for people to make money with them.

I would much rather leave the recruiting to someone else and focus on building my own business where I can control how much money I make.

Personally, for me, it just makes sense to not have to rely on some shady MLM or GRQ (get rich quick)scheme that could get shut down by the FCC at any minute.

I would much rather create a name for myself, establish a presence, and build a long term, profitable business in the online world.

Whatever in the world are you talking about Scott?

I’m talking about affiliate marketing!!

This is the process where you’ll promote other people’s products on your website and earn a commission when someone makes a purchase based on your recommendation.

I use a program called Wealthy Affiliate!!

This is the place where I learned everything I needed to know about affiliate marketing to earn a full time living online.

If you have ever shown any kind of interest in building a legit business online that doesn’t require you to recruit people to earn money, then I highly recommend you check them out and see what they can do for you.

That’s enough of my big mouth for now lol!!

I’m handing it over to you guys now!!

Have you guys ever been involved with these types of programs before?

Can you relate to any of the 4 reasons above as to why most people promote these types of schemes?

Did you have any success with any of them?

I would love to hear all about it and answer any additional questions you may have in the comments below.



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2 thoughts on “4 Reasons People Get Involved In Get Rich Quick/MLM Schemes

  1. jarmo halonen

    Hi Scott and thank you for a very good article.

    I’m also a member of Wealthy Affiliate. Wa is probably the best school to learn about online marketing.

    All training and support is something incomprehensible and is not expensive. I am Finnish but lived last 15 years in Sweden, a neighbor country.

    North and cold Scandinavia!!

    I found your page quite coincidentally with the Google. I am quite new to the field, and all have to learn the hard way.

    English is my weak point and certainly writing. Google translate helps but is pretty poorly translated. So if this looks so funny you know, google translate.

    Yes, these get rich overnight companies are enough in the world. I have been involved with an MLM business and I can say no thanks.

    The MLM system is quite ok but many companies do it in the wrong way.

    In my opinion, they talk too much about money. Money comes when you work. Empty promises will not win anything. A good system gets only a bad reputation.

    Usually, products are better than ordinary merchandise products.

    Here’s a good explanation because MLM products are not advertised with big money so the product must work to survive. You have to choose the right company with whom you can cooperate.

    I have, after a long break a new MLM company and the intention would be to match WA and MLM together in some way. MLM is a Swedish company and is a pioneer in the field of Omega oils.

    Will see how it goes on.

    Cheers Jarmo

    1. Scott Newkirk Post author

      You are most welcome Jarmo!!

      I’m glad that you were able to find my website and that this article has really helped you out.

      It’s also great to hear that you’re a WA member and I have to agree with you, that this has got to be one of the best places for you to learn all about how online business works.

      We were all new to this at some point in time and we have all had to learn the hard way about how the online industry works and find out on our own that it’s not as easy as the gurus want you to believe.

      I think your English and writing is actually pretty good Jarmo and from my end, it looks like Google translate has done an excellent job of translating all of this for you.

      I agree that these get rich quick schemes are slowly taking over the online space and I think we have all had our fair share of them. Like you, I have also been involved with many MLM systems in my time as an internet marketer and all I have to say is NO Thanks.

      I agree that the MLM system itself isn’t flawed, it’s just the way these gurus market it to you that really gets under my skin.

      Instead of them marketing their opportunity to you the right way and tell you the honest truth about what you’ll be doing, they would rather sell you on the idea of making money and the lifestyle associated with it.

      I agree that empty promises and hype will get you nowhere and if you ever want to have any chances of being successful in this industry it’s going to require lots of hard work, dedication, and a pretty big time commitment as well.

      Hype and empty promises won’t pay the bills and it seems like 99% of the MLM industry uses this tactic to market their opportunity.

      Any MLM company that has legitimate products and markets the products instead of the recruiting side of the business would be a legit MLM.

      However, the majority of MLM’s don’t operate like this and this is why MLM gets a bad name.

      Good luck on your new MLM business venture and I hope you’re able to have some type of success with this one Jarmo.

      Let me know how this works out for you man!!

      I also want to thank you for dropping by and sharing your opinions on the whole MLM industry with everyone here today.

      To your success online!!


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