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Legal disclaimerThis is the page where I expose all of my secrets and provide you with the little details about how I make money from this website.

I work hard everyday to provide you guys with only the best opportunities to make money online. I also won’t recommend ANYTHING on my website if I haven’t personally tried it out for myself. I do this to save you time and money and help you avoid being scammed by the next Internet marketing Guru who’s only out to make a quick buck off you and could care less if you make money or not.

How I Make Money From This Website

How I make MoneySome of the tools, products, and services I recommend on here contain affiliate links. What this means is that I get paid a commission whenever you buy anything from me through these links. I figure that if I paid for these tools and I liked them, I might as well get paid to recommend them to other people. Wouldn’t you do the same thing?

How many times have you watched a movie, then called your friends up and told them how awesome it was and that they should go see it? Wouldn’t it be great if you got paid every time they took your advice and purchased something you recommended to them? That’s how my website works and I teach other people how to do the same thing through affiliate marketing.

You Should Never Have To Invest Money Into A Product Before You Know What You are Getting Yourself Into

I  believe you should never have to pay for something before you know what you are paying for. That’s why you will find many products and services that I recommend on this website where you can get started for free. If the product owners truly believe in their product, there’s NO reason why they shouldn’t let you take it for a test drive and experience it for yourself before investing any money into it.

Help Me Make The Internet A Better Place By Weeding Out Guru’s That Are Only Interested In Making A Quick Buck From You

How to start a work at home business

I Show You How To Avoid Scams Like This One Above

I know the “make money online” industry is filled with scam artists that can’t wait to sell you their pie in the sky program, or their magical push button software that will make you $1,000’s of dollars overnight all on autopilot with little to no work involved. Trust me I have feel victim to scams like this for close to 10 years and lost thousands of dollars to these con artists.

I have made it my job to expose scams on this website and if you feel you have been scammed and you would like to report it to me I would love to hear about it. You can report it here and I will do a thorough review on the product so that other people won’t lose their hard earned money.

By doing this, you will not only be helping me clean up the internet, but you will also be saving the next person who comes along from becoming their next victim.

Here’s The Cold Hard Truth About The Internet Marketing Industry

Internet marketing, affiliate marketing or, online marketing whatever you refer to it as has been around since 1996. Amazon started it all with their Amazon associates program. There are literally thousands if not millions of affiliate programs out today with this number growing by the minute. As nice as it would be to to believe that you could make a million dollars overnight let’s face it there’s NO SUCH THING and programs that tell you this is possible are only out to get your money.

Starting an online business takes lots of hard work, time, and dedication if you want to be successful at it. I’m sure you have heard the saying if it sounds too good to be true it probably is? Well, the same thing is true in the online world.

I work hard at exposing these magical push button software programs and show you a proven path to being successful online. To sum things up here, the bottom line is there’s NO SECRET to making money online and there is no shortcuts or easy way to make money in affiliate marketing.

If you work hard, ask questions, and follow a proven training program that has helped me along with thousands of other people build a very successful business online, then you too will be on your way to having a bright and successful business.

My Final Thoughts

Scott Newkirk In January 2015If you visit my website a lot you will notice that I don’t sugar coat my reviews. Some of you may not agree with what I got to say and that’s perfectly fine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. These are just my opinions nothing more.

Just to let you know, I don’t promote scams on this website just to make a quick buck. My reputation as an online marketer is far more valuable than the small commission I could make by getting you involved in a scam.

I also won’t bash one product just to promote another one and make a commission. My job is to personally review online business opportunities to see if they are worth your time and then recommend programs that I have had success with myself.

So there you have it, I have laid out all the details about how I make money on this website and shared my secrets with you.

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