Dosh App Review- Is This Cashback App Legit?

By | January 6, 2018

Name: Dosh Appdosh cashback

Where To Download: Click here for official site

Type Of App: Cash Back

Price: Free

Overall Rank: 4.5 /5 Stars

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With the overabundance of cashback apps that are available at your fingertips today what makes Dosh any better than all the other cashback/ discount apps out there?

Well, if you happen to be the type of person who is always clipping coupons or looking for discounts on your favorite items then this app will be right up your alley.

Is this cashback app worth your time or is it something you should add to your list of apps to avoid?

I’ll be covering all of this and so much more in the following review so I invite you to stick around and continue reading.

What Is Dosh & How Does It Work?

Like many other apps of this nature, Dosh is an app that allows you to earn cashback without having to deal with annoying things like

  • Scanning barcodes
  • Taking photos of receipts
  • Clipping coupons
  • Searching for offers

They have totally revolutionized the way you earn cashback by giving you a percentage of what you spend on everyday items and putting this money back into your account.

How To Earn Money With Dosh

There are a variety of ways that you can earn money with this app and here are just a few of them

  • Shopping At Local Participating Retailers- There are literally 100’s of popular retailers that you can shop like you normally would and earn cashback on everyday purchases.
  • Dining Out- Looking to take the family out for dinner? Why not put some of that hard earned money back into your pocket?
  • Shopping Online- Are you the type of person who does a fair amount of shopping online? By using the dosh app at certain online retailers you can save up to 50% off+ earn 10% in cashback rewards by simply going through the app beforehand.
  • Traveling- Get up to $25 for booking your first hotel + earn cashback on top of that. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me, wouldn’t you guys agree?
  • Referring Your Friends- One of the easiest ways for you to earn money with this app is by simply sharing it with your friends. Upon registering your account, you’ll be given a unique referral link that you’ll need to share with your friends, family, & anyone. You’ll earn $5 for everyone who joins using your referral link.

Dosh cashback app

In order to unlock offers and start earning cash back, you’ll need to link a credit/debit card to your account. By doing so, you’ll earn an instant $5 and $1 for each additional card you add to your account. (Up to 3 cards for a total of $7)

This is basically free money for doing something that costs you nothing!!

You can earn anywhere from 2% to 10% in cash back for simply shopping at participating retailers and using your linked cards like you normally would.

Start Earning Money With Dosh Click Here To Get Started

Getting Started

To get started all you need is a valid phone number and email address which you’ll need to use to verify your account.

They will text you a code that you’ll need to enter on the verification screen along with an email verification as well.

Once everything is verified you’ll need to enable your location to see participating offers in your local area. This is a great way for you to see which retailers are participating and find out where you can earn the most cashback.

The entire process takes less than 5 minutes to complete and you can start earning money shortly after you complete these few steps.

I was actually able to earn my first $10 in the first day and I think this is pretty awesome for something that’s free to download.

How Do You Get Paid?

There is a $15 minimum payment threshold that you’ll need to meet before you can request a payout and they have a couple options for you to pick from which I’ll list for you guys below.

You can choose to either get paid directly via PayPal or direct deposit and you should see this money in your account within less than a half hour.

They tell you it could take up to 3-5 business days but when I cashed out, I saw this money in my account in under 20 minutes.

Payment Proof That Dosh Really Pays

Before I promote any product or service I always make sure that they’re legit and actually pays before recommending it to you guys.

Below Is a screenshot of how much I was able to earn with this app in 2 and a half weeks by simply sharing it with my friends!!

Dosh earnings2018

It’s also important to note that I haven’t even used the app for cash back in stores or online just yet.

This has got to be the easiest money I have ever earned in my 5 years as an online marketer.

I like to think of this as free money!!

Who doesn’t like free money?

You know what I’m saying?

Claim Your Free $5 In Cashback Here!!

Dosh In The News

It looks like this app has made quite the impression since they launched back in early 2017. To the point where ABC News is talking about them and they’re receiving media coverage. Click the link to the left for more details.

Complaints About Dosh

I don’t think there is an app out there that’s perfect and that doesn’t come with its own set of flaws.

Even though Dosh has achieved an astounding rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on the Google Play store there are still people out there who feel like they need to voice their opinion.

Doesn’t Work With All Cards– If you don’t happen to have a credit/ debit card then, unfortunately, this app won’t be of much use to you.

Several people have complained about this app refusing to accept pre-paid cards or cards issued from a credit union. If you don’t have an actual bank account or a PayPal account then you won’t be able to reap the benefits that this app has to offer you.

My Final Thoughts

This is definitely one of the best cashback apps that’s on the market today and an easy way for you to earn money for doing some of the things you’re already doing on a day to day basis.

With that being said, you won’t get rich by simply installing this app on your phone and fully utilizing it to your advantage.

However, this could be an excellent way for you to earn a couple hundred bucks a month or more depending on your shopping activities and how many trips you take a year.

One of the best and fastest ways for you to rack up enough cashback is by referring your friends, family, and other people using their referral program.

Update February 2018: From now (Feb 19th- February 26th) you can earn $10 for each person you refer who downloads the app using your referral link and links a credit or debit card to their account.

(Note: in order for you to earn this money you’ll need to make sure that they link a credit/debit card to their account for you to get credit)

This promotion ends on February 26th so act fast to avoid missing out!!

If you aren’t much of a shopper and you’re looking for more than cashback then perhaps this program would be a much better fit for you instead.

I have been earning a full time living using it for nearly 5 years now and it’s the program that I recommend to anyone looking to earn a living online.

I really hope this review has helped you guys out and given you an inside look at what to expect before investing any of your valuable time into downloading another cashback app.

Have questions or comments for me?

I would love to hear them in the comments below.


~Your Friend, Scott~

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10 thoughts on “Dosh App Review- Is This Cashback App Legit?

  1. Jamy

    I live in Puerto Rico, which is a territory of US and is not accepting my phone number, the apps it’s asking for a US non VoIP phone number. Any idea of what I should do?


    1. Scott Newkirk Post author

      Hi Jamy,

      Do you have a regular phone number (Landline or cell number) that you could use instead of a VoIP one? Since Puerto Rico is a US territory you should be able to sign up if you use a regular phone number.

      Try this and let me know if that works out for you.


  2. Jo

    Scott how do you make a living using this app with the normal referral rate being only $5?

    1. Scott Newkirk Post author

      Hi Jo,

      I never said that I earned a living from this app alone. I simply said that this is a great way for you to earn a couple hundred bucks for doing stuff you normally do on a regular basis.

      I have many different ways that earn me a living online and this is just 1 of them. I have however earned a couple hundred bucks already from simply referring people to it in only a little over a week.

      Not too bad if you ask me, wouldn’t you agree, Jo?


      1. Pickleman

        Weeeellllllp, no. You said…and I quote:

        “I have been earning a full time living using it for nearly 5 years now and it’s the program that I recommend to anyone looking to earn a living online.”

        but what you thought you were saying was….

        “I have been earning a full time living and using Dosh for nearly 5 years now. It’s the program that I recommend to anyone looking to add to their online earnings!”

        1. Scott Newkirk Post author

          If you read the sentence above that you would have known that I was referring to the program that I linked too and not the Dosh app.

          Also, the Dosh app hasn’t even been around for 5 years as it just launched here recently.

          I hope this clears things up for you and I hope you have a nice day.


    1. Scott Newkirk Post author

      Hi Candice,

      Unfortunately, for right now, this app is only available to people who reside in the United States. However, I have a friend who lives in Guam which is a US territory and he is currently using this app and making some great money with it.

      In the near future they may open this up to include other international countries, but for now, it’s exclusive to the US only.

      I hope this helps answer your question and please let me know if you have any other questions or need my help.


    1. Scott Newkirk Post author

      Hi Christopher,

      If you earn $600 or more in a calendar year you will need to report your earnings and pay taxes on this money. Dosh will send you a 1099 form that you’ll need to fill out and file with the IRS.

      However, if you don’t earn this much then you won’t need to worry about paying taxes on this money.

      I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any other questions or need my help.



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