Instant Commission Profits Review- Can You Earn $120 A Day?

By | January 6, 2017

Product Name: Instant Commissions ProfitInstant commission profits review

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Product Creator: Allen martin

Type Of Product: Videos

Price To Get Started: $5.95+ Upsells

Overall Rank: 2/ 5 Stars

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Instead of going with the flow and being like all the other reviews out there that are promoting this program in hopes that you’ll sign up under them and make some money.

I would much rather give you guys the facts about Allen’s system and give you my honest opinion as to whether you really can earn $120 a day using his program.

Is this just another sleazy marketing tactic used to get you to open your wallet and get your credit card out?

Obviously, if you’re here reading this review, you’re asking yourself this very question and you are curious as to whether this program really can teach you how to make money online.

Within the following review, I’ll be sharing my personal experience that I’ve had with this program and showing you whether a complete newbie can utilize this system and start making money overnight like Allen claims.

What Exactly Is Instant Commission Profits?

This program launched on the Warrior Plus marketplace back in November of 2016 by Allen Martin.

He claims that he has developed a system that will put $100-$120 into your bank account daily with no experience needed in affiliate marketing.

Sounds pretty good if you ask me wouldn’t you guys agree?

This program is pretty simple and consists of 15 videos that will supposedly show you how to not only make $120 a day, but also a way for you to turn $35 into $424 in only 2 days.

These are some pretty outlandish claims for any kind of a program to make and it’s simply not possible for you to earn this amount of money in only 2 days.


I’ll provide more details on exactly what you’ll receive for your $5.95 here in a few minutes and give you guys some kind of an idea as to what you’ll be doing when you join.

Who Is ICP (Instant Commission Profits) For?

Allen claims that his program is targeted towards newbies who have little to no experience online. He also claims that anyone can pick up his course, take action, and rinse and repeat.

If you’re the type of person that’s easily manipulated and you buy into the hype that’s associated with these kinds of programs then this could possibly be a good fit for you.

Also, If you have a fear of showing your face on camera and talking on video then I don’t think this program would be a good fit for you.

This entire course is based on how to build a video marketing business so if you’re shy or don’t feel comfortable talking on video then this program isn’t for you.

What Did I Like About This Program?

To be honest with you guys, there isn’t a whole lot that I liked about this. Other than the fact that you can gain access to the basic program for a mere $5.95 is about the only ICP has got going for it.

I try to see the good in every product or service that I review and I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

However, I will never lie to you and tell you that a product or service is great just to make a commission from you. This just isn’t my style and it’s not the way I roll.

What Didn’t I Like About This Program?

Instant commission profits reviewAs I continued doing my research on this program the red flags were being raised by the minute. The more I started digging the worst it got.

The thing that really turned me off about this program was the way it’s marketed and the way they hook you in for a small fee.

What is Instant commission profitsAnother thing that put a bad taste in my mouth about this program was the overabundance of fake testimonials that were associated with this.

One of my many concerns about this program is the insane income claims and how they seem to divert your attention towards how much money you could potentially earn with this system.

They neglect to tell you exactly what you’ll be doing once you join and in order to find out you’ll need to take a leap of faith and get out your credit card to find out.

As a matter of fact, as I was watching the sales video, there was no mention of exactly what it is that you would be doing.

The only thing you’re told is Allen has developed a system that will generate $100 commissions and deposit them into your bank account on autopilot.

This is absolutely ludicrous and anyone who believes that you can buy this program tonight, go to bed and be able to quit your job the next day needs to have their head examined. LOL

I also found there to be a good amount of upsells as well (4 To Be Exact) that will set you back a whole lot more than the initial cover charge you’ll need to pay to access this program.

Let’s Take A Peek Inside The Members Area

What is Instant commission profitsAfter I finally made it through all the BS upsells and outlandish claims of how much money I would be making, I was able to access the member’s area.

I wasn’t too impressed with what I saw here and like expected, there wasn’t a whole lot going on here.

Like I said earlier, this course focuses on making money through video marketing.

In a nutshell, you’ll be learning how to promote Warrior plus affiliate offers using video and utilize YouTube as your main source of traffic.

This system consists of 4 training modules which contain 15 videos total.

  • Module 1- The System- This consists of the introduction video, along with the tools you’ll need to get started which by the way will be an added expense and none of these are provided for you. Video 3 introduces you to the Warrior Plus promotion calendar.

The majority of this video focuses on some of the big product launches that are scheduled to come out in the next couple of weeks and what you need to do to prepare for them.

  • Module 2- How It Works- This module focuses primarily on how to promote your offers.

This includes picking which affiliate offers you would like to promote, building your testimonial page, preparing and launching your commission page and how to gain access to your very own review copy of the product you’ve decided to promote.

  • Module 3- Traffic- This module is targeted towards the many free and paid ways for you to drive traffic to your videos.

There are 4 videos within this module that cover things like:

  • Free & paid traffic. Which one is better?
  • How to create a capture page and start building your list
  • Optimizing your review videos to rank of the first page of YouTube
  • How to get free traffic from YouTube
  • Module 4- The Results- This final module is the last 2 videos in this course.

The first video in this module is pretty much them logging into one of their accounts and showing you the millions of dollars that they’re earning and how you can do the same.

The final video in this course shows you how to scale your business and how to take things to the next level.

Are There Any Upsells, Downsells Or Any Hidden Fees?

Anyone that markets their product at such a low price is bound to have some kind of up-sells and down sells and even a few hidden fees.

This particularly holds true with ICP and there happens to be 4 OTO’s that are associated with this product.

Instant commission profits upsells

If you would happen to decline any these offers guess what? This is where the down-sells come into play and I’ll be listing each one of these for you guys below.

  • Downsell OTO1- $9.50
  • Downsell OTO2- $17
  • Downsell OTO 3- $47
  • Downsell OTO 4- $147

If you were to invest in these additional features and go all in, you would be looking at an additional $220 and that’s assuming that you took the downsell offer.

If you would invest in these additional features at face value you would be looking at over $300.

This is a far cry from their advertised price of $5.95 wouldn’t you say?

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Here’s What I Really Think

Video marketing is a phenomenal way to earn an extraordinary income online.

The ability for you to interact with your audience through video is growing at an alarming rate. In 2017 it’s the preferred media for millions of people across the world who are searching for information online.

However, the information within Allen’s system doesn’t come anywhere close to teaching you how to create a real video marketing business.

Most of the training here focuses more on showing you to promote Muncheye and Warrior Plus products.

The core training shows you how to build sales pages, create sales funnels, and start building your list.

There is some emphasis on how to get traffic, but nothing groundbreaking.

You could start up your own YouTube channel and start making money without the need for any of these things.

There are much higher quality programs out there that will not only show you how to build a video marketing business but any kind of business you’re interested in.

If you have made it this far in this review then obviously you’re serious about making money online but you don’t want to fall for another get rich quick scheme.


Trust me, I know how you must feel and I can totally relate to you. When I first started online, I spent years searching for that perfect opportunity, but continued to fall for scam, after scam.

It wasn’t until 4 years ago when I stumbled upon a company called Wealthy Affiliate that I was able to discover how to make money online without having to worry about being ripped off and taken advantage of.

It’s because of their outstanding training and expert help and support that I’ve been able to be as successful as I’ve been in the online world.

If you truly are serious about making money online and starting your very own online business you should definitely check them out and see what they have to offer you.

I really hope that you guys were able to gain some insight into what Instant Commission Profits is all about and whether this program would make a good fit for you or not.

Do you have a personal experience that you would like to share with other people about this program? I would love to hear about it and I’m sure other people would as well.

Leave your comments, experience, story, or anything you would like to add in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Instant Commission Profits Review- Can You Earn $120 A Day?

  1. Moran

    Hi Scott, thanks for your thorough review for all the products! Did you actually buy the products to review them? That would cost a bomb!

    Instant Commissions Profit by Allen Martin is no longer available. His Paypal and JVzoo are suspended after numerous complaints of his Done For You DFY business scam last year.

    I would like to leave a comment here to warn everyone of the Scam.

    Allen Martin emailed marketed his Done For You Business to his subscribers with faked claims of $200/day within 3 weeks and a faked 3 X money back guarantee, but disappeared with all the money without doing anything after being exposed. The scam emails – He ripped off each subscriber a few grand K. I was one of the victims.

    Allen Martin is a pen name. The scammer’s real name is Christian Gasper from Wiesbaden city of Germany. Since that first scam, he has upped his antics and scammed more money using other names like Johnny West at Warrior Forum, Allan Martin for his website, etc. For all his scams, he would market a Done For You DFY product.

    Christian Gasper’s scam has been exposed all over the internet. Some of his scams reported can be found at

    1. Scott Newkirk Post author

      You are most welcome Moran!!

      No, I didn’t actually buy all of the products and I’m so glad that I didn’t because I would have been out a whole lot of money if I did. However, I did purchase the core product so that I could do a proper review on this and provide people with accurate information and give them a good idea of what they were getting themselves into before they joined.

      It’s great to hear that this scam is no longer in existence but I’m sure he will probably create a new program under another false name like he has done here.

      Thank you so much for commenting on this post and for providing so much detailed information with my readers and everyone here today.

      I’m so sorry to hear that you were one of his victims and my heart goes out to you and anyone else who was unfortunate to fall victim to this scam.



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