Instant Postcard Wealth Review- Another Cash Gifting Scam?

By | March 29, 2017

Program Name: Instant Postcard Wealth (IPW)Instant postcard wealth review

Company Website:

Type Of Work: Recruiting people (AKA Cash Gifting)

Program Owners: Adam & Tony

Price To Get Started $98/ month+Upsells

Overall Rating: 1/5 Stars

1 star reviews

Just the thought of mailing postcards out in 2017 sounds ridiculous!!

It’s like Adam and Steve have found a way to go back in time and infuse postcards in with some of the most popular ways to make money online today.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how many of these postcards schemes that are still in existence today and it blows my mind to think that people are still gullible enough to fall for these types of scams in the year 2017.

In the following review, I’ll be uncovering everything you need to know about Instant Postcard Wealth and giving you some solid facts as to why you should avoid this scheme and run in the opposite direction.

Have you been approached by your friends and family or perhaps you may have received a postcard in the mail that’s similar to the one you see below and you’re wondering what this is all about?

What is Instant Postcard Wealth

Continue reading as I’ll be providing you with a few much-needed answers to these questions and giving you my honest opinion as to whether this could actually work out for you in 2017 or if you’re better off utilizing a much more effective way to earn a living online.

I do have to admit that back in the early 90’s, I fell for these types of schemes more often then I would like to admit and I never managed to make a single dime with them.

What Is Instant Postcard Wealth?

In a nutshell, this is a cash gifting scheme where you can earn 100% commissions from recruiting other people into the same program that you just joined.

To make this opportunity seem like it’s legit they have infused postcards into the mix in an attempt to make you think that you’re paying for some kind of product or service.

In reality, you’ll be paying $98 directly to the person that recruited you and in order to get your $98 investment back and be successful using this system, you’ll need to recruit other people and keep the cycle running.

Adam and Tony claim to have created a system that will create instant wealth for you within 30 days by simply mailing out postcards.

When was the last time you bought into a system from receiving a postcard in the mail?

Have you ever?

Maybe if this was 1990 then I could possibly see this working, but on the rare occasion that I do receive a postcard in the mail I usually end up throwing it in the trash.

What about you guys?

How It Works

Once you join and gift your sponsor $98 you’ll gain access to your so called membership kit which consists of 24 postcard templates and 10 postcards to get you started.

You’ll also gain exclusive resell rights to market this scheme to the next person as well as an e-book and a few other training materials.

Your membership also comes with your very own personally branded sales page that includes your referral link.

This is nothing more than a carbon copy of the exact same sales page that your sponsor sent you to when you originally joined.

For an additional charge, you’ll also gain access to their mailing list resources of targeted leads for you to mail your postcards to.

What is Instant Postcard Wealth

This whole system revolves around building your downline and if you have ever been involved in MLM pyramid schemes or any type of cash gifting in the past, then you should already have a good idea of how IPW works.

The Costs Associated With This System

Other than the monthly cost of $98 which you’ll be required to pay if you wish to continue receiving monthly payments from the people that you recruit, there are many other additional costs which they fail to mention when you join.

I will list these other miscellaneous expenses that you’ll incur below

Postcards- You’ll need to pay .35 for each postcard you send out other than the first 10 that comes included in your membership kit.

You’re encouraged to send out a minimum of 100 postcards with each mailing that you do and over time this can really start to add up.

This comes out to $35.00 for each 100 postcards that you send out and this doesn’t include the paper, ink, or postage stamps that you’ll also need to purchase as well.

Yearly Admin Fee- To add insult to injury, you’ll also need to pay a yearly fee of $59 to keep your membership in good standing and qualify to continue earning $98 payments from the people that you recruit.

Multiple Up Sells In The Back Office- As if the costs that I listed above weren’t bad enough you’ll also have multiple upsells thrown in your face in the member’s area shortly after you become a member.

These are nothing more than a way for your sponsor to earn even more money from you and consist of additional products that they claim you need in order to have the most success with this program.

As you can see above, these costs really start to add up and you may be wondering how anyone can actually make money using such outdated methods.

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Is It Really Possible To Earn Money Sending Out Postcards In 2017?

I’m sure that it is definitely possible to earn money with this system if you have the funds to invest and you don’t mind recruiting people into a cash gifting scheme. (Which happens to be illegal in all 50 states)

Is this really what you want to subject yourself to?

I’m sure that there are many people who are promoting this system that will argue that this isn’t cash gifting and that you’re paying for postcards, templates, and a business kit.

However, these items only exist for 1 reason.

What’s that you may ask?

To lead you to believe that you’ll be learning postcard marketing and being trained on how to build a legitimate business online by using these tools.

When in reality you are participating in another recruiting scheme and giving your money directly to the person who sponsored you.

The only way you can earn money here is by recruiting other people into this program and receiving direct payments from them.

Personally, I’ve never had any luck with systems like this and in my honest opinion, I feel like these types of systems were designed to take your money and likely leave you more confused than you were when you started.

Any program that promises that you’ll make thousands of dollars a day within your first 30 days of sending out postcards definitely doesn’t have your best interests at heart and they can’t be trusted.

Making money online takes lots of hard work, dedication, and in order to become successful, you’ll need to make a long term commitment.

You won’t earn money in 30 days like they claim you will here, but it will happen as long as you’re persistent and don’t throw in the towel after a couple months.

If you’re serious about earning a living online and you’ve had it up to here with being sold on the idea of making money and are ready to start learning the proper way to build a business online, I would highly recommend that you check out Wealthy Affiliate.

After years of chasing shiny objects and jumping from one program to the next, I found a program that actually works and one that doesn’t sell you on the idea of making money.

Instead, they provide you with all the tools, training, and help and support needed to start, build, and, maintain an online business all in one place.

I really hope this review has provided you with all the information necessary for you to make a sound decision as to whether you could benefit from this system or not.

How was your experience with IPW?

Were you able to make thousands of dollars within your first 30 days of sending out postcards?

What kind of conversion rate did you get from each mailing?

I would love to hear all about it in the comments below as well as answer any additional questions you may have.

Until next time



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