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By | August 17, 2017

How To Make Money OnlineEver since the inception of the internet back in the mid 90’s people have been utilizing this amazing invention to its full potential and earning a full-time income from the comfort of their home as a direct result.

Making money online has been a thing since as far back as 1996.

The potential for anyone with no previous marketing experience, or a college background of any kind, to turn this into a rewarding career, continues to grow stronger year after year.

I have had several people ask me to try and summarize the steps needed for you to follow to be successful into 7 steps.

It has taken me a little while to think about this but after lots of research and a couple of hours of strategizing, I have been able to split this up into 7 steps and I’ll be sharing them with you guys today.

If you have tried making money online in the past with affiliate marketing and have either been scammed or you simply couldn’t comprehend everything you would need to do and figure out how to make your first $1 then you might want to stick around as I’ll be covering this in detail.

I’ll also be sharing a program that has personally helped me in ways that I can’t even begin to count and has shown me how to take action on the 7 steps that I’m about to share with you today.

You’ll definitely want to stick around and read this article in its entirety so you don’t miss out on any of this valuable information.

Are You Guys Ready To Rock? 

Step #1- Learning How All Of This Works & Understanding The Process

Learning how to make money onlineJust like any skill you learn in life, you’ll need to have some kind of training before you’ll understand how all of this works and what exactly you’ll need to do for it to work for you.

People pay thousands of dollars a year to go to college and learn a trade of some kind just to have a chance at landing their dream job and learn how to make more money.

Learning to make money online isn’t much different than going to college and to be quite honest with you, it’s more cost-effective and updated than anything you’ll learn out of a textbook.

Your chances of being successful and actually being able to live your dream is higher as well if you take it seriously and truly understand how all of this works.

Step #2- Having The Right Mindset

woman thinkingNow that you’ve learned how all of this works and you have had the chance to wrap your head around how all of this works, it’s time for you to change your way of thinking.

The next thing that’s required of you if you want to have any kind of success in the online world, is to change your way of thinking.

The #1 reason why most people fail when they attempt to build a business online is due to their mindset and the way that you perceive all of this information.

If you come here with the 9 to 5 mindset and think of this like a job, then chances are that you won’t make it far in this business and you’ll likely quit within your first 3 months.

I have worked with far too many people over the years that think they can join for their first month and learn everything in a month and quit.

These are the type of people who will never succeed here because they aren’t willing to make any type of commitments or get serious about building their future.

However, for those of you out there who look at this with an entrepreneur mindset and you acknowledge the fact that this is indeed a business and not a job, then you could have a bright future ahead of you in this industry.

Also, if you’re perfectly cool with the fact that you won’t make any money in your first couple of weeks and that this will require a good time investment before you see any noticeable results, then, your chances of being successful here have just doubled.

Step #3- Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

stepping out of your comfort zoneThis will also require you to step out of your comfort zone and do things that you normally wouldn’t do.

Just what are you talking about Scott?

Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to do anything wild or crazy, but it will require you to do a couple of things that you normally wouldn’t do and this consists of:

  • Showing your face on camera(Totally Optional)
  • Learning how to use social media for business
  • Building a website
  • Opening up and sharing bits and pieces of your life with your audience
  • Working 6 months or longer without getting directly paid
  • Eventually learning how to code( Totally optional as well)

These are just a few of the many other things you’ll encounter as you start to build your business and take things to the next level and beyond.

I have personally had to step out of my shell as well in the 4 years that I’ve been here and do a few things that I wouldn’t normally do.

These include things like: 

  • Calling people on the phone(Completely Optional)
  • Putting my face on video(Just a few times)
  • Sharing my life story with the entire world
  • Building a website and learning how to code successfully
  • Working my butt off for nearly 4 months without getting paid directly
  • Filing taxes as a business instead of an individual

As you can see, I have stepped out of my shell and done several things that I normally wouldn’t do.


Because I was sick of the way my life was going and I was fed up with living paycheck to paycheck.

I was ready to make a change in my life and I was willing to do whatever it takes to make this change and start living, instead of just surviving.

Would you guys be willing to do the things that I listed above?

Tell me about it in the comments below!!

Step #4- Having The Right Training

training and toolsAll of the things that I’ve listed above is crucial in order for you to come out on top and have any long-term success in this business.

However, if you don’t have the proper training and some kind of a direction on where you’re going then everything I’ve mentioned up to this point will be nothing more than a waste of your time.

Finding the right training program that doesn’t feed you the usual line of BS and claim that your bank account will explode with $$$ for simply investing in their program is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Trust me, I threw away thousands of dollars of my hard earned money as well as hundreds of hours of my valuable time in an effort to find a program that had more to offer me than a bunch of hype, empty promises, and broken dreams.

There for the longest time, I was almost convinced that a program like this didn’t exist and I started to get discouraged.

I may have been a little discouraged but I still continued my search and I wasn’t going to give up no matter what!!

After years of searching, I was finally able to discover a program (By accident) that had more to offer than the usual BS.

Instead of selling me pipe dreams and showing me how much money I would make in a pre-determined amount of time, they actually helped me out and provided me with the missing link that was needed to make all of this work that all the other guys conveniently left out.

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Step #5- Start Building Your Online Empire

Once again, all of the things that I’ve listed above will do you absolutely NO good if you don’t take action on what you’ve learned.

Now that you have some kind of direction on where you’ll be going and what you’ll be doing it’s time to step up to the plate and start building your business.

This will require a good amount of a time investment and the willingness to learn a new skill and put it into action.

As you continue to learn more about this business, you’ll find additional ways for you to build your business and expand your reach worldwide.

In order for any business to be successful, it’s going to need a solid foundation to stand on and this is 1 of the first things you’ll need to establish before anything else.

Having a solid foundation is the key to any type of business whether it be online or offline and this is crucial if you want to have any kind of long-term success.

Step #6- Set Yourself Some Goals & Whatever You Do Don’t Give Up

In order for you to reach any level of success in the online world, this is going to require you to set some reasonable goals and give yourself a certain amount of time to reach them.

I see people set goals every day which is great!!

You wanna know what’s not so great?

Sadly enough, they fail to follow through with them and like I said earlier, these are usually the people who quit after 1-3 months.

Setting goals, following through with them and doing everything in your power to turn them into a reality plays a key factor in whether you’re successful or not.

Here is one of the goals that I originally set when I first started and once I reached this goal I blogged about it right here on my website.

One of my many goals was to earn my first $1,000 in my first year!!

Was I able to reach this goal in a reasonable amount of time before the deadline that I set?

Click here to read all about my personal experience and how I was able to achieve this!!

There were many times within my first year that I felt like giving up and I started questioning whether this was really worth all the time and energy I put into it so I know exactly how you must feel and I can definitely relate to this.

What did I do, whenever I felt like quitting you may be wondering?

I’m glad you asked!!

I would ask myself 2 questions which are:

  • What am I going to accomplish by giving up on my dreams and quitting?
  • Why did I decide to build a business in the first place? (Re-establish your vision)

These 2 questions reaffirmed exactly why I was doing this and why it was so important for me to become successful in this business.

Step #7- Start Earning Revenue & Making Sales

This is the part that everyone thinks they can skip directly too without putting in the blood, sweat, and tears, along with the hard work, dedication, and time that’s required to earn your first bit of revenue online.

Making money is the end result of all the time, effort, and hard work that you’ve invested in your business and this will happen when the time is right.

I get asked on an almost daily basis when this will happen and this is a question that’s hard to answer.


How much money you make and how long it takes you to make it all depends on how much time you invest into your business and how long it takes you to figure all of this out for yourself.

I started here in February of 2013 and I busted my butt for nearly 4 months before I made my first sale.

10 months later I was able to quit my job as I was making close to $2,000 a month and this was only 1 of my many incomes streams that I had coming in.

Take A Look At The Screenshot Below To See How Much I’ve Made In My First Year Alone!!

My income earnings

If you take a closer look at these earnings you’ll notice that my income went up significantly each month with the exception of a few months.

Also, take a look at my earnings for March and April!!

See how I gave myself a $500 some dollar raise from March to April?

Has your boss ever given you a $500 raise in a month?

I’ll wait…….

Another thing that’s important to mention here is that the screenshot you see above is only from 1 affiliate program.

I have also made a good amount of money from places like Amazon, Clickbank, Elegant Themes, Jaaxy, And many other places.

This is the beauty of affiliate marketing and one of the things that I love about it is that you can have multiple sources of income coming in all the time.

Pretty cool if you ask me, wouldn’t you guys agree?

My Final Thoughts

If you have ever struggled to make money with affiliate marketing in the past and you’re willing to give this a second shot, then the steps that I’ve shared with you guys today will really help you out and get you headed in the right direction.

Learning the proper way to earn money online can take quite some time to master, but once everything starts to click this will come to you like second nature (It did for me anyway)

Due to all the scams and other worthless schemes out there in the online world, you’ll find it quite challenging to find a program that is genuinely interested in helping you out and isn’t just out to get your money.

After wasting thousands of dollars on bogus programs that claimed to do all the work for me and fill my bank account for doing nothing, I stumbled across a program called Wealthy Affiliate. 

It wasn’t until then that I was finally able to get somewhere and learn the REAL way to build a business online without hype, empty promises, or guarantees.

If you would like to learn how to earn money online doing something you love through affiliate marketing relationships, I would highly recommend that you check out WA to see if they can help you as much as they’ve helped me.

Other than that, I really hope you found value in this post and that it has helped guide you in the right direction and given you an idea of what to expect when you enter the online world.

Still confused?

Leave me your questions and comments below!!

Until Next Time


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