The Proper Way To Market Your Products Online & Earn More Money

By | March 16, 2016

How to market your business effectivelyThere’s always a right way and a wrong way to do something no matter what it is. This happens to be especially true for online marketing and it could have a huge impact on whether you’re successful online or not. Here lately, I have seen far too many people going about this the wrong way and this really bothers me. In the following post, I want to show you the right way as well as the wrong way to market your products/ services to your audience along with some tips on how to achieve maximum results.

The Right Way To Promote Your Products To Achieve Maximum Results

When people buy stuff online, almost 99% of the time they look for product reviews so they can learn more about it before spending their hard earned money on it. It’s your job as an online marketer to provide them with anything and everything they need to know about the product (Pre-selling) before they make the ultimate decision to buy it.

Showing vs Telling 

Instead of telling people how awesome your product or service is, why not show them and let them see for their self how awesome it is?  You are far more likely to make the sale if people see you using it or see actual proof of it in action.

There are many ways you could do this and here are a few ways that I have found to work out the best 

  • Shoot a quick video of you using the product and let people see some of the basic functions of it. Many online marketers will also do an unboxing and show you how to set it up before using it for the first time.
  • Always make good use of screenshots of the product. People are very visual when surfing the web and they love to see actual pictures of the product before making a sound purchasing decision.

Not comfortable putting yourself out there for the world to see just yet? that’s perfectly fine. There are many other ways to show instead of just telling someone your product is great.

Here are a few other ways

  • Provide specific details about your product in your review that SHOW them what they’ll be receiving before they make a purchase.
  • SHOW people that you know what you’re talking about by sharing your personal experience with this product(If you own it)

Video and images are the 2 best ways to show vs tell and maximize your overall revenue. However, you can get your point across by using text as well. I would encourage you to incorporate all 3 of these things into your content if you want to achieve maximum results.

By simply telling people that your product is great without any concrete proof or evidence to back up your claim will usually end up with little to no engagement from them and they will think that you’re boring.

How To Advertise Your Product The Right Way And Avoid Being Called A Spammer

Once you’ve created your review you’re going to wanna get the word out by sharing it via social media and sending it out to your email list if you have one. This is where most people fail and instead of engaging with their audience and being helpful they end up being labeled as a spammer.

This is the last thing you want to do and here are a few tips that will help you engage with your audience on social media and get people to buy from you 

  • Always provide a high quality image of the product in your post
  • Let your audience know what you’re sharing with them by giving them a brief introduction and give them a reason to click your link for more information.
  • Always encourage them to engage with you by leaving a comment or asking a question about your post

To avoid being called a spammer you should stay away from these things

  • Blasting your affiliate link to all your friends, family, and followers (This is a great way to get people to unfollow you)
  • Dump & Run- This simply means dropping your link in a post and running without giving an explanation of what you’re sharing.
  • Saying “Do me a favor and click on my link below to view my website” This is in no way engaging and most people see this as spam. Why you may ask? Like I said earlier, you aren’t giving them a reason to click and they have no idea what they are about to read.

The Wrong Way To Advertise Your Products And Services

I have given you a few ideas about what not to do when sharing your content to social media and here are a few more.

For example, I’m going to use a few examples that I’ve seen on Facebook here lately 

Would you like to learn how to monetize your niche? Does anyone happen to know what’s wrong with this FB post? I’ve found a few things wrong with it which I will list below

For starters, a lot of people have no idea what the term “Niche” is and I can almost guarantee they don’t have a clear understanding of what the word “Monetize” is either. This is a terrible way to promote something and most people won’t end up taking you serious by doing this.

Instead, you could write a post explaining what a niche is and break down the process of earning money from a niche market. Share this with your FB audience and give them a preview of what your post is about. Make sure you have a “call to action” listed somewhere in your post.

I would also avoid being salesy in your posts and trying to hard sell to your audience. How do you feel when someone tries to sell you something? What’s your first reaction and what do you usually end up doing in this situation? I’m not sure how you guys handle this type of situation, but for me, I try and avoid these types of situations altogether, whether they be online or in the real world.

I know this sounds crazy, but if you stop trying to sell and start helping people instead you’ll earn a whole lot more money in the long run.

My Closing Thoughts

When making the decision to start an online business you need to appeal to your audience and come across in a helpful way. You also need to make sure that your content answers people’s search query and offers a solution to their problem. This is the whole idea behind a website and the reason we create content in the first place.

You should NEVER try and trick someone into visiting your website without letting them know what’s waiting for them on the other side. This kind of traffic is almost as bad as a traffic exchange and this is in no way targeted traffic.

Due to the many get rich quick schemes, and flat out scams in the internet marketing industry, people are never taught this and they are usually just given an affiliate link and told to refer other people to make money. They’re told they don’t need to create content or even have a website to make money.

In order to make any money online, you need to have the right training and learn the proper way to create content and how to market it effectively. I really hope this article has given you guys some insight into the right way and the wrong way to market products online.

Have you made any of these mistakes when you first got started online? Perhaps you are still marketing your business like this and don’t realize that you’re going about this the wrong way. I would love to hear some of your thoughts on this and answer any further questions that you may have on this topic in the comments below.


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