The Rise And Fall Of Empower Network- David Wood Comes Clean

By | August 4, 2017

Empower Network DemiseBack in 2011, The Empower Network was 1 of the largest MLM based pyramid schemes to have ever launched in the online marketing Industry.

Things didn’t really start to take off for this MLM giant until 2012-2013 and within that time they raked in millions of dollars a day and rose to the top in a very short amount of time.

They remained on top for quite some time until around the middle part of 2014 and that’s when things really started to fall apart.

On Tuesday, August 1st, David Wood finally comes out and reveals everything that has been going on since 2014.

He comes clean about his drug addiction, his failed marriage, and the ultimate reason why he finally decided to call it quits and close the doors of EN for good.

What’s been going on behind the scenes all this time and what finally drove him to file for bankruptcy and shut down the company for good?

That’s what I tend to cover in the following blog post as well as showing you why it’s NEVER a good idea to invest any of your hard earned money into MLM Pyramid schemes like EN.

At the time these pyramid schemes may seem like an easy way out and your ticket to freedom but in the long run, you’ll end up paying dearly for this in more ways than one.

The Rise & Fall Of Empower Network

EN rose to power around the same time that I stepped onto the Internet marketing scene back in 2012.

At the time, I was such a newbie that I didn’t fully understand what this company was all about and it took me a while to comprehend the concept behind this MLM scheme.

Millions of people looked up to David Wood & David Sharpe as the GOD of Internet marketing and they developed a cult following around the world in less than a year.

People would spend up to $25,000 on their mastermind retreats and other inclusive live events they had and think nothing of it.

Both of the David’s also knew how to pump up the crowd at their live events!!

Also, If you didn’t go all in, both of them would go out of their way to criticize you and tell you to man up and stop being such a wussy.

The crowd would go nuts and people would actually throw money at them and worship them like some kind of God.

Everything seemed to be going great until around the middle of 2014 and like I said earlier, this is when the company slowly started to go down the drain.

They quit updating their digital products and their sales volume started to slowly decline.

Introducing The Re-Launch Of Blog Beast

empower network blog beastWhenever Wood faced any type of financial difficulties his answer was always:

Why not create or re-launch another product to bring in sales?

On paper this may seem like a solution to the problem but what happens when people stop buying your products?

What do you do then?

The re-release of blog beast was really hyped up and this was supposed to be the answer to EN’s financial troubles and save the company.

Can you guys guess what happened next?

Needless to say, this launch was a disaster and it completely tanked!!

This was supposed to be their flagship product and what would ultimately get them out of the hole they were in.

After this failed launch, they started releasing a series of additional products to the tune of $500, $1,000, & all the way up to $3,500.

David Wood would tell his followers, pull out your credit card if you’re loyal and people did just that.

Only this time, there was something missing!!

Can you guys guess what that could be?

Their original message was lost and people started asking questions like

What exactly does going all in mean anymore Dave?

The Demise Of Empower Network

Shortly after all of this went down, the coolness factor started to wear off and people weren’t as keen to throw money at this company as they were before.

People slowly started dropping out and going their separate ways and this was just the beginning of a very painful decline.

Later in that same year (2014) Sharpe announced that he was leaving due to some serious health issues and he bounces shortly afterward.

As you can probably guess, this also caused many of the top leaders to jump ship as well!!

By this time, this is really starting to affect Wood’s mental state of mind and this leads me up to how all of this attributed to David Wood losing his mind.

David Wood Loses His Mind!!

In the midst of all of this, his wife decides to leave him and Wood goes through a pretty nasty divorce along with another failed relationship.

To make matters even worst, him and Sharpe started beefing for close to 2 years over his departure from the company.

Wood starts drinking pretty heavily and develops a drug habit which leads to him having a mental breakdown and flipping out of what’s left of his staff.

This naturally leads to him losing, even more, people and he develops some kind of a GOD complex and thinks he can command people to do whatever he wants and make them join EN RIGHT NOW!!

Take a look at his mental breakdown and see just how crazy he is in the video below!!

As you can see in the video above, he absolutely has lost it and has officially gone crazy lol!!

Will You Get Your Money Back?

David Wood assures everyone that he’s going to do the right thing and give your money back

However, he then goes on to tell you that this could take anywhere from 1 to 2 years, so if you have unpaid commissions, or they owe you any kind of money you won’t see it anytime soon (If ever)

I was actually surprised that David Wood has come forward and has admitted that the closing of EN was all his fault.

I do have to give him credit for that, even though I don’t stand for the way he ran his company.

He claims that he has healed his brain and that he is no longer crazy by using something called plant medicine.

He also makes many accusations and claims that he was drugged to the point where he almost died.

If you’re interested in hearing more about what he has to say regarding EN, check out the video below!!

MLM Vs Affiliate Marketing Which One Is Better?

I have never agreed with the whole concept of MLM and I could never bring myself to recruit other members into a pyramid scheme.

I’ve also never had any luck trying to convince people to spend thousands of dollars of their hard earned money on something of NO value.

Let me ask you guys a question!!

What do you feel would be an easier sell?

Trying to convince other people to spend thousands of dollars for some worthless training program that shows you how to recruit other people into the same scheme you just bought into, or showing people all the features included with the latest Samsung Galaxy 8 smartphone and the added benefits you’ll enjoy for owning one?

In my previous experiences with previous MLM opportunities, I always felt like a hustler.

I was that guy standing on the street corner selling you lots of hype and empty promises.

I marketed this opportunity and sold you on the idea of making money without providing anything of value.

The huge difference with affiliate marketing is that instead of having to go out and find people to recruit, these people actually come to you asking for help.

The only thing required for you to do to make money is for you reach out and find these people, answer their questions and provide them with the information they’re looking for.

You would then need to direct them to a product or service that provides them with a solution to their problem.

Another thing that I love about affiliate marketing is that your income isn’t based on other peoples actions and unlike MLM, you’re actually in charge of how much money you can make.

Which one sounds better to you guys?

MLM Or Affiliate marketing?

Tell me about it in the comments below!!

 MLM Will Never Be A Sustainable Business Model For Long Term Success

Why is that you may ask?

The answer is simple really, and it’s due to the fact that there are no tangible products and you are simply trying to buy your way into success.

With the exception of a few MLM companies out there that actually have a product, the majority of MLM programs are based on recruiting and this is in no way a real business.

EN is probably one of the longest standing pyramid schemes out there that were able to withstand quite a bit before their walls started crumbling down.

David wood might have publicly come forward just now, but in reality, they have slowly been going down hill long ago.

Some of the top leaders have gone off on their own and started to build out their own personal empires.

As a matter of fact, just this past year, Vick Strizheus which was one of the top leaders went off on his own to create The Four Percent Group.

He was one of the very few people who made it into the top 1% and he created the big idea mastermind which went on to be one of the most popular programs inside EN.

If you’re looking to create a long term sustainable business online, I would highly recommend affiliate marketing over MLM any day.

This is how I earn 100% of my monthly income and I find it to be a whole lot easier than recruiting people any day of the week.

Are you one of the thousands of people that David Wood owes money too?

Do you still have any unpaid commissions coming to you that hasn’t been paid out yet?

Are you glad that EN has finally collapsed?

Feel free to speak your mind and share your experience that you’ve had with Empower Network in the comments below!!

I look forward to hearing from you guys and hearing your thoughts on the demise of EN.


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