What Is Online Success Plan Scam Or Ticket To Success Online?

By | July 30, 2017

Product Name: Online Success PlanOnline success plan scam

Product Website: mysuccessplanonline.com

Product Owner: Jordan Daniels

Price To Get Started: $97, $77 If you click away

Type Of Product: Link Posting Scam

Overall Rating: 1/5 Stars

1 star reviews

Over the past 4 years that I’ve been involved in the online marketing industry there seem to be a plethora of link posting scams out there that use the whole concept of affiliate marketing as their bait.

Once you’ve taken the bait, they reel you in by claiming that there are big name retailers out there who are looking for people like you to post links for them.

You are then told that they are willing to pay you big bucks to copy and paste these links to some of the most popular online forums.

Blah, Blah, Blah

I have reviewed many of these types of systems and from my personal experience, it’s like they’re all connected together in some way.

They also usually have a string of different domain names all leading back to the same program and this remains true for Online Success Plan as well.

So, does this system differ any from all the other link posting scams that populate the online space?

That’s what I intend to uncover in this review and I’ll be showing you exactly what you’ll be doing and how much this system will end up costing you.

You can expect nothing but an honest and truthful review that’s based 100% on my personal experience with this system.

What Exactly Is Online Success Plan?

Like I said earlier, this is another link posting scam that claims you can earn up to $15 for each link you post on places like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and many other social media platforms.

Keeping in tradition with the way this program is marketed, you’re told that spaces are limited and that you’ll need to claim your spot before they sell out.

You’ll also be fed the usual BS and be told that this opportunity has been featured on your local news channel.

This is nothing more than an attempt to gain your trust and make it seem like this opportunity is legit so you’ll let your guard down.

What is online success plan There’s nothing spectacular in the member’s area and as a matter of fact, this looked like a carbon copy of sites that I’ve reviewed in the past which include:

Home Job Placement

Total Income Answer

My Home Job Search

Work At Home Institute

If you have ever fallen for any of the scams listed above, then this system is pretty much an exact replica of them.

Same Lies, Deceptive Marketing, & Empty Promises As Before

Online Success Plan Scam ReviewAbout the only thing I didn’t find that seems to be common with these other programs I’ve listed above is they don’t use some hot girl who tells you her version of a rags to riches story.

With many other programs of this nature, one of the many BS lies you’re told is that you can earn up to $379 per day for posting links online.

I was actually quite surprised that this wasn’t the case with this program.

This program had all the warning signs and red flags which include:

  • Limited availability
  • Fake endorsements
  • Available in your area(Or not)
  • Make $$$ overnight by posting links
  • Uses scare tactics to lure you in

Also, another thing that raised a red flag, was that they have so many different domain names that lead back to this system that it’s crazy.

Here are just a couple of them I found while researching this program below:

  • mysuccessplanonline.com
  • myaesuccess.com
  • onlinesuccessplan.net

I’m sure there are many other ones out there but these were the 3 that I was able to find fairly quickly.

Another thing that particularly ticked me off about this program was all the income guarantees you’ll find in their sales video.

Take a look at some of their outlandish guarantees they give you below!!

Online success plan scam review

Online Success Plan Scam

Is you guys BS meter going off yet?

If it’s not, then it definitely should be!!

Personally, mine started to go off within the first 30 seconds of watching their sales video!!

How can anyone guarantee your success with such a shady program?

Can a doctor guarantee that you won’t get sick?

Can your college professor guarantee that you’ll get an A in his class even if you sleep in his class and don’t do your homework?

There is no such thing as guarantees and this especially holds true for the online marketing industry.

Being successful online isn’t something that comes easy and it’s not something that anyone can dictate exactly how much money you’ll make (If any) or tell you how long this will take.

This is virtually impossible and this is one of the many deceptive marketing tactics that these types of systems use to bait you into their scam and drain your wallet of every last dollar.

If you aren’t willing to put in the hard work and the amount the time required then your chances of being successful will be non-existant.

Price To Get Started

You’ll gain access to the member’s area for a one time fee of $97 ($77 if you click away) which includes their core training, if you wanna call it that.

A few PDF files, and low-quality videos!!

That’s about it!!

As I continued working my way through the member’s area, I couldn’t help but notice that this system was affiliated with many other well know scams which include:

Depending on whether you entered a real phone number when you entered your information will determine how much money they could potentially swindle from you.

If you have entered your real phone number then you can expect them to blow your phone up selling you upgraded premium packages, private coaching, and extra training.

This can range anywhere from a couple hundred bucks to a couple thousand buck or more.

Up to $10k if you would be to go all in and invest in everything they’re offering you within this program.

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My Final Thoughts

These types of systems are created on a daily basis and from the number of times they change domains, company names, and sleazy marketing tactics, this isn’t something I would recommend to anyone looking to get started online.

Is it really possible to make money posting links online?

Yes, this is possible and it’s something that I’ve been doing for over 4 years now and earning pretty good money doing so.

However, I can assure you that Online Success Plan didn’t play any role in this nor did the other systems that I’ve listed above.

This was due to something called affiliate marketing and this is where I learned how to create a website based on a few of my hobbies and things that I’m passionate about.

I then write product reviews about a variety of products or services that are related to these hobbies and link them to places like Amazon, Best Buy, And Gamestop using something called an affiliate link.

I simply place these links on my website and whenever someone reads my review, clicks my link, and makes a purchase I get paid a commission.

Pretty sweet deal if you ask me, wouldn’t you guys agree?

This is a completely legit business model that has been around for 21 years now!!

The place that has shown me how to make lots of money online by leveraging this amazing business model and provided me with step by step task based training Is Wealthy Affiliate.

If it wasn’t for their expert one on one help and support and their superb training and tools I would probably still be getting scammed by these types of systems and losing thousands of dollars in the process.

If you’re sick of falling for these types of programs and are ready to truly learn the proper way to build a business I would highly recommend that you check them out for yourself to see what they can do for you.

I really hope this review has given you guys an inside look at what to expect if you were to join this program and some concrete facts on why you should avoid it at all costs.

Do you have a personal experience with this program that you would like to share with everyone here today?

I would love it if you would share your story with other people in the comments below!!

This way they won’t become their next victim and get scammed out of their hard earned money.

Still, have questions?

Leave them for me as well in the comments below!!


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