What Is Plug In Profit Site? Another Free Website Scam?

By | July 11, 2017

Product Name: Plug-In Profit Site

Product Website:  pluginprofitsite.com

Product Owner: Stone Evans

Type Of Product: Free Website Scam

Price To Get Started: Free (With A Catch)

Overall Rank: 1/5 Stars

1 star reviews

I have received several requests for me to do an in-depth review of Plug-In Profit site from many of my loyal visitors.

I’ve had this on my list of programs to review for some time now and this gave me a reason to bump this up on my list and get this information out to you guys.

You may have run across this program as you were scrolling through your newsfeed or checking your email.

Chances are that you may have a few questions about the legitimacy of this program and wonder if this is worth your time, or another potential scam you should avoid.

In the following review, I’ll be going into detail on how this system works, and giving you my honest opinion as to whether I feel that this would be a good fit for you guys or not.

What Is Plug-In Profit?

Stone Evans claims to have created a complete done for you turnkey business in a box and he wants to give it to you for free.

This automatically set off red flags for me and within the first 20 seconds of watching the sales video, I knew something wasn’t right with this program.

Do you guys seriously believe that some millionaire would give you a pre-built website that’s already established and currently making money on autopilot for free?

I seriously hope not!!

I’m sure that there are many of you out there who truly believe this as there are 1,000’s of people who fall into this trap every day.

I can only hope that these people read my review beforehand!!

Take A Look At The Screenshot That I’ve Captured For You Guys Below!!

Plug in profit site review

This is a pretty bold claim for anyone to make!!

Wouldn’t you guys agree?

I’m sure that you may be wondering how Stone can afford to give his millionaire system away for free?

I’ll be going into detail on this next!!

I’ll also be showing you exactly what you’ll need to do in order to qualify to unlock this entire system for free.

How It Works

Before you go getting too excited about receiving this millionaire system, let’s take a look at what you’ll need to do to qualify for first.

Sound good to you guys?

In order for you to qualify to gain access to this millionaire system, you’ll first need to apply for it!!

You’ll need to fill out a pretty lengthy form which consists of 3 steps and I’ll be listing these for you guys below.

  • Step 1- Enter your contact details
  • Step 2- Enter your affiliate ID’s
  • Step 3- Get Your Domain Name

It didn’t take me long to figure out how Stone could afford to give this system away for free and I usually pick up on them in no time at all.

In step, 2 you’ll be introduced to 5 money making opportunities that you’ll be required to sign up for before you can gain access to this so called free website.

Digital Altitude

Traffic Authority



Now Lifestyle

I have reviewed 4 out of these 5 programs and the only program that I would recommend and that I feel is legit is SFI.

The other ones are completely worthless, and this is how this guy can afford to give you his so-called millionaire system for free.

He’s an affiliate for each one of these programs and he gets paid a commission for each one you sign up for.

Once you have signed up for the programs listed above, you’ll need to secure your domain name.

Surprisingly enough, I wasn’t able to find any hidden fees or outlandish prices on their domain name and hosting services.

This is common practice with most Gurus out there that offer you a free website and I was pretty surprised that this wasn’t the case here.

Another thing that I found surprising was the fact that they have their very own domain registrar right on their website.

After you have completed these 3 steps you’ll be able to claim your supposedly free secret millionaire system.

Who Is This For?

Like other programs of this nature, this is targeted more towards people who have no experience building websites and are looking for an all in one solution to get started online.

Also, if you’re looking for an easy way out and you have been planning your escape from the 9 to 5 world and you think this product will allow you to do that, then this could possibly cater to you.

If you’re the type of person who is constantly giving into the hype that surrounds these programs and you’re easily attracted to the next shiny object, then this could possibly be a good fit for you as well.

Here’s What I Liked About It

As I continued doing my research on this program, I found it pretty challenging to find anything good at all about this program.

It seemed like the more research I did on this, the more dirt I found and this put a bad taste in my mouth and naturally led to more red flags being raised.

I can usually find at least a couple things that I like about any program and the fact that I couldn’t find anything was quite disturbing.

Here’s What I Didn’t Like About It

There were many things that I didn’t like about this and I’ll list these for you guys below!!

  • Deceptive marketing tactics used to lure you in
  • Acts as a sales funnel for other low-quality programs
  • You’ll need to spend a good deal of money to claim your “Free Website
  • You’ll need to join these programs & promote them (Which involves recruiting) to make money

The True Price You’ll Pay To Unlock This Free Millionaire System

Within the first 5-10 seconds of the sales video you’re told that you’ll gain access to a done for you turnkey business that’s already generating revenue.

Everything is all setup and ready to rock!!

The only thing that you’ll need to do is plug into it to start earning commissions.

However, there is catch and this is where things start to get really expensive!!

Take a look below to get an idea of how much of your hard earned money you’ll need to invest in order to unlock this millionaire system.

  • Digital Altitude- $37/monthly- $20K in upsells
  • Traffic Authority- $220- $8,397 including upsells
  • Clixsense- While this PTC site is free to join there are a few upgrades but these are optional
  • Now Lifestyle- MLM site that offers health and wellness products. $49/ monthly with upgrades
  • SFI- This program is also free to join and the most legit one out of this whole list. There are also upgrades but these are optional as well

You’ll also need to purchase your own domain name and these prices start at $8.99 and go up from there.

On the low end of things here, you could easily wrap up thousands of dollars in no time by joining these programs just to qualify to get a free website.

Doesn’t really make sense to me!!

What do you guys think?

If you’re spending all this money, how is it free?

Internet marketing gurus have been using the free website approach for years now and there are many people out there who fall for these programs every day.

Looking for a much better alternative that doesn’t funnel you into other schemes? 

Check out my #1 recommendation below!!

My Final Thoughts

From the information that I’ve presented to you guys above, I think it’s pretty clear that this system is nothing more than a funnel to other high ticket recruiting schemes and low-quality programs that simply aren’t worth your time or money.

At the end of the day, these programs only benefit the owner and this is the sole reason why they were created in the first place.

If you came to this review with high hopes that this would be your golden ticket to finally achieving success online, then I hate to be the one to burst your bubble.

I admit that it would be nice if there was a program out there that you could simply plug into and start making money on autopilot.

Who wouldn’t want to gain access to a system like that?

I searched for something like this for nearly 20 years and I spent $1,000’s of my hard earned money in an attempt to find something like this.

How did it go?

For the most part, I ended up losing more money than I did when I first joined!!

I had to learn the hard way that the only thing these types of programs do is rob you of your hard earned money and leave you with more questions than you had when you originally started.

Take it from someone who has already experienced this first hand and knows what he’s talking about.

It’s definitely possible to make money online, but it’s going to take lots of hard work and consistent action before you see any results.

If you aren’t afraid of hard work and you’re willing to put in the time and effort required to build a real business online then I would recommend that you check out a program called Wealthy Affiliate.

After nearly 20 years of jumping from 1 program to the next and chasing after shiny objects, I was able to find the answers I was looking for and learn the proper way to build a business online.

If you’re sick of going through the same thing and you’re ready to settle down and learn the right way to earn a living online, then you should definitely check them out for yourself and see what they can do for you.

Either way, I hope that this review has helped you out and given you some insight into what you’re getting yourself into before you join this program.

Do you have a story you would like to share with other people about your experience with this program?

I would love to hear it and I’m sure other people would as well.

Leave it for me in the comments below!!



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