What Is Quantum Code? Another Trading Scam? Get My Review Here

By | November 16, 2017

Company Name: Quantum CodeWhat is the quantum code

Sales Page URL: freeadcashsystem.com

Company Owner:  Michael Crawford

Type Of Work: Binary Options Trading

Price To Get Started: Minimum Deposit of $199

Overall Rank: 2.7/ 5 Stars

Full starFull star

There are a ton of mixed reviews out there about the Quantum Code.

If you have ever searched online for info about this trading software, then I’m sure you have encountered many reviews about this both positive & negative.

If you visit my site on a regular basis then you know that I usually don’t do many reviews on this these types of programs.

However, just the other day one of my good buddies contacted me and told me that he just started using this software a few days ago and he shared the results that he has had with it so far.

After doing some in-depth research on this system I was able to uncover quite a few interesting facts about this software and I’ll be revealing all of this in the following review.

I’ll also be sharing some of the results that 1 of my buddies has had using this system in his first week and how much he had to invest to achieve these results.

As you can see from the image above, they make some pretty bold claims that you can make as much as $13 thousand per day without investing.

Is it really possible that Michael Crawford has created a system that takes the guesswork out of trading and shows you which ones to pick to hit it big?

I’ll be answering this question as well as much more and going into complete detail on how this works and whether it’s worth investing your hard earned money into or not.

If you’re the type of person who is into trading and you’ve come here looking for answers about the Quantum Code then I encourage you to continue reading.

What Is The Quantum Code?

Michael Crawford claims to have created a software program that can determine which trades you should pick to come out on top and win more trades than you lose.

If you’re an experienced trader then you know that trading takes a great deal of knowledge in trading in order to hit it big and win the majority of your trades to come out on top.

Also, if you’re new to trading, don’t be fooled by their Ludacris and outlandish claims that their software will do all the work for you and show you which trades you should pick and which ones to avoid.

This is a great way for you to lose a great deal of money here in no time flat.

Like most trading software programs out there on the world wide web, you’ll likely be presented with many bogus claims that you can earn hundreds and even thousands overnight by simply utilizing their software and putting it to work for you.

Here’s What I Liked About It

  • Free to create an account
  • One of the very few legit trading software online

Here’s What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Build on hype & outlandish income claims
  • Very risky and requires you to invest a good amount of cash to win any trades
  • The info in the sales video and order page don’t match up
  • Claims that you’ll never lose a trade using this software( No Software Can Predict This)

How It Works

It’s free to create an account, but in order to start using this software and trading you’ll need to deposit a minimum of $199.

Michael recommends that you invest as much money as you possibly can (the more the better) If you want to win a decent amount of trades with this system.

Once you have made the minimum deposit required to move forward, you can start placing your bets on the trades you feel the most confident to win.

If you’re new to trading and don’t know a whole lot about how it works just yet I would advise you to start out small and scale up once you have a general idea of how the trading game works and you have won your first couple of trades.

If you know what you’re doing here and you have experience in this then it’s highly likely that you could earn 2- 3 thousand dollars a day but you could also lose everything within minutes.


When dealing with binary trading, it’s not so much the software that you need to beware of, but the many shady brokers out there that will go out of their way to make you lose a trade.

You can use the software for as long as you want as long as you go through the brokers that they recommend.

A Few Things To Be Aware Of Before You Join

As I continued to do my research on this system, there were many red flags that I encountered and I’ll be listing these for you guys below.

You may receive a call from one of their brokers asking you a few questions like:

How much money would you like to earn this week?

How much money can you invest to reach these goals?

Also, they may tell you that in order to have any decent chance at winning big here you’ll need to invest at least $10K or more.

Also, another thing that really threw me off was that the information contained in the video on their sales page is completely different from what you see on their order page.

How so?

Take a look at the screenshots below to get a better idea of what I’m talking about!!

Quantum Code

Quantum code deposits

So which Is It Anyway?

It’s hard to say and this is one of the major red flags that was thrown up for me when I was researching this company and something you need to watch out for.

How Much $$$ My Buddy Earned In 1 Week With This Software

Like I said at the start of this review, it was actually a friend of mine that recommended this system to me, based on his results after the first week.

Before I share these results with you guys, It’s important for you to keep in mind that he has been trading for quite a few years now and he has a good amount of experience under his belt.

He usually deposits a minimum of $1k each time he trades and he uses this software as a guide instead of solely relying on it 100% to make the right trades.

This is the key here to being a successful trader!!

Within his first week, he earned 5x what he initially deposited and ended up generating $5k within his first week.

Pretty good ROI if you ask me wouldn’t you guys agree?

However, this is still a far cry from the $13, 671. 32 that you can supposedly earn per day without an investment like you see on the sales page.

You should take their exaggerated income claims with a grain of salt and try not to buy into the hype that surrounds this system.

So Is Quantum Code Another Binary Options Trading Scam?

Contrary to what you have been led to believe with the other reviews out there, this is one of the very few trading software out there that is actually legit.

No, I wouldn’t call this another trading scam, but rather a pretty decent system that will actually show you how to win the most trades.

However, It’s important for you to keep in mind that any type of binary options trading is a HUGE RISK!!

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the world of trading or a seasoned veteran, you can lose lots of money quickly if you don’t watch your trades carefully.

With that being said, If you’re the type of person who is into trading and have had a great deal of success with this in the past, then I think you should definitely look into the Quantum Code for yourself to see what this system can do for you.

If trading isn’t your thing and you don’t have thousands of dollars to invest in something like this, that’s cool.

To be quite honest with you guys today, trading isn’t really my thing either and I’ve never been much of a gambler or into trading stocks.

I would much rather invest my money into something real that I know will give me guaranteed results if I work hard at it.

In my own personal opinion, I would rather invest my hard earned money into tools and training that show you how to build a solid online business that generates leads, sign-ups, and conversions utilizing something called attraction marketing.

I use a program called My Lead System Pro.

This is the place that showed me how to not only build an online business but how to increase my revenue in less than 30 days.

Instead of stressing over whether your next trade will be profitable, or possibly put you in debt, why not take that money and invest it into quality training and tools that will actually make you money?

If this sounds like something you would be interested learning more about then I would highly recommend that you check out MLSP for yourself to see if they can help you as much as they have me.

Other than that, I really hope this review has helped you out and answered any questions that you may have had when you first landed on my review.

If you have any additional questions or are still unclear about how this system works, please let me know in the comments below.



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