Work At Home Paycheck Review- Link Posting Scam Or Legit?

By | November 8, 2017

Program Name: Work At Home Paycheckwork at home paycheck review

Program Owner: Jessica Marshall

Company Website:

Type Of Work: Link Posting Scam

Price To Get Started: Varies from $47- $397

Overall Rank: 1/5 Stars

1 star reviews

It seems like these copy and paste link posting scams keep popping up quicker than they’re shut down.

In my career as an online marketer, I have reviewed more of these sites than I can count on both my fingers and toes combined.

In my own honest opinion, I feel like if you’ve seen one link posting scam, you’ve seen them all.

What makes Work At Home Paycheck any different from the other ones out there in the online space?

That’s what we’re about to find out in the following review.

I’m sure that many of you out there have many questions about this program and I tend to answer them in this review.

What Is Work At Home Paycheck?

Like I said earlier, this is another of the many, many link posting scams out there that claim you can earn up to $1,000 a day simply posting links online.

Wouldn’t it be nice if these types of jobs really existed?

Well, the reality of all of this is that link posting jobs really do exist, if you know where to look and how to find them.

However, I can assure you that this program or any of the similar websites out there won’t show you how to obtain these jobs.

As I was doing my research on this particular one, I wasn’t even able to find their website or hardly any information about what you would be doing if you were to join.

What Will You Be Doing When You Join?

Work from home paycheckThat’s a great question and I wish I had a good answer for you, but unfortunately, I don’t.

As fast as these programs populate the internet with new ones popping up on an almost daily basis, it’s really hard to say.

Based on my own personal experience with similar programs of this nature, I was given access to a variety of digital products that came in the format of an e-book.

Contrary to what I was lead to believe on their sales page, it was my responsibility to market these products myself in the best way I could.

Has this ever happened to you guys?

Don’t you just hate that?

I know I do, and they seemed to get me every time using this sleazy marketing tactic.

In my own previous experience with these types of systems, they seem to conveniently leave out the part of what you’ll actually be doing and focus more on how much money you could make with this system.

This should be your first red flag and have you clicking the x at the top of your screen to exit their website and save yourself from becoming their next victim.

Fake Ownership & Paid Actors

These are a few other red flags that you guys should be on the lookout for whenever joining any potential work from home system of this nature.

These types of warning signs seem to be prevalent with just about every link posting scam that I’ve reviewed, but for this particular one, I found it to be a whole lot worse.

Usually this only involves a few people, but in this case, there are 4 people involved and from my in-depth research, I was able to discover that these are only aliases playing a fictional character role.

Do you guys know what Jessica Marshall, Kelly Frasier, Alex Cooper, & Mark Wilson have in common with each other?

If you’re familiar with how these types of scams work, then you would know that each one of them has a role to play in all of this and the reason why these systems are able to replicate so quickly at the drop of a dime.

Jessica Marshalls plays the newly divorced single mom raising her daughter on her own.

After getting laid off from her job and facing foreclosure of her house, she was able to work from home and earn a full-time income.

How was she able to make this transition so quickly?

Continue reading to find out!!

As Jessica is at the grocery store one day, she has a mysterious encounter with a guy named Mark Wilson which happens to be the true originator of this system.

Kelly Frazier also happens to be a down on her luck single mom that was working 80 hours a week at 2 jobs just to keep her head above water and put food on the table.

Luckily, she was able to discover Jessica Marshall’s system and she now earns a full-time income from home.

Last but certainly not least, Alex Cooper works at a huge online news corporation and he just so happens to be the one who interviews her about how she found this job position online.

All of this was starting to sound believable until I scrolled down to read their terms and conditions page to find this out!!

Work At Home Paycheck scam

Does this sound like a company you want to invest your hard earned money into? As many times as these systems change their name and are continuously being shut down, I wouldn’t want to have anything to do with them.

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How Much Will This End Up Costing You?

That’s another red flag that was raised for me as I was navigating through their sales page and it seemed like they couldn’t make up their mind.

When I first landed on their sales page, I was told that I would need to pay $397 to unlock this magical system and start earning money overnight.

However, as I hovered my mouse over the browser window I was offered a $350 discount if I stayed on the page.

That’s a hell of a discount if you ask me, wouldn’t you guys agree?

Work from home paycheck discount

So now I can gain access to this same system for a mere $47.

This was yet another red flag that was raised for me and one of the sleaziest marketing tactics out there.

As I continued to do my research and dig a little deeper, I discovered that this $47 is merely an entrance fee to get your foot in the door.

This is where things get downright scary and as I navigated my way to their terms of service I was presented with this information below.

WAH Paycheck

That’s nice to know, but has come there is NO mention of this on the checkout page?

Is it even legal to withhold this kind of information?

I wouldn’t think so!!

Also, how much will you be charged for these services?

It’s hard to tell, but you could end up paying anywhere from several hundred to several thousand if you aren’t careful.

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Is Work At Home Paycheck A Scam?

Based on the facts that I’ve presented you guys with today, I think it’s pretty obvious that this is another scam that was created for the sole reason of taking your money and running.

Like previous systems of this nature, they refer to this as affiliate marketing to make you think this is legit.

Affiliate marketing is a 100% completely legit business model that I’ve been utilizing to earn a full time living plus some for the past 5 years now.

If this system was legit, why won’t they tell you what you’ll be doing before you join?

This is just too fishy and this is not something I would recommend for anyone, especially those of you who are just getting started online.

If you have come to this review hoping that this would be the program that would show you how to fire your boss then I’m afraid to be the bearer of bad news, but this simply isn’t going to happen with this program.

Still wondering if any true link posting jobs really exist?

Trust me, I know how you must feel about now and you’ll be delighted to know that there truly are link posting jobs that are real if you know where to look for them like I said earlier.

After getting scammed multiple times from these types of programs, I eventually stumbled onto a program called Wealthy Affiliate.

This is the place I learned everything I know today and has shown me how to build websites, write reviews of other products, and post links that lead people to the best place for them to make a purchase.

I earn a commission each time a person clicks my links to learn more and make a purchase based on my recommendation.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in learning more about then I would highly encourage you to check them out for yourself to see what they can do for you.

Other than that, I really hope this review has given you guys some insight into what this program is all about and whether this would be a good fit for you or not.

Do you have a previous experience with this system that you would like to share with everyone else here today?

Please do so in the comments section below!!

By doing so, you’ll help other people avoid investing their hard earned money into this and potentially getting ripped off.

Still, have questions? Leave them for me below, as well!!

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